Crooked Letter Brewing Company was recently featured in a news story about their upcoming opening.

It just happens to be that over the past few years the state itself has made a lot of progress with beer, said Paul Blacksmith, Crooked Letters general manager. We started this project not counting on any of the legislation taking effect. Weve gotten a lot of questions about if were doing this because of the legislation. The answer to that is no.

Crooked Letter would become the states second brewery, joining Hancock Countys Lazy Magnolia Brewery.

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The Blacksmiths hope to break ground on their building July 2, and have beer on the shelves this fall, perhaps in October or November. They said theyre close to finalizing contracts with distributors they wouldnt reveal which theyll use because nothing is signed yet within Mississippi and Alabama. Theres also the matter of procuring a few more pieces of equipment for their 30-barrel facility.

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Whatever they produce wont be confined to Mississippi. Paul Blacksmith said the plan is for Crooked Letter beer to be in neighboring states shortly after the New Year.


Read the full article here.

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